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Sat 20th Sep – Impression of Terracotta Show

"Impression of Terracotta" is very high-quality and high artistic level ...

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Wed 10th Sep – Lunch with the CSM

Lunch with the CSM

Wednesdays 1.10pm Sept 10 ...

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Tue 2nd Sep – Monthly Display

The Brighton Community Art Gallery is a non profit organisation ...

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Fri 19th Sep – Outstanding Feet - Body Festival 2014

2006 saw the last presentation of ‘Outstanding Feet’ A celebration ...

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Sat 6th Sep – Photographic exhibition

You are invited to view Moving beyond words, an exhibition ...

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Thu 11th Sep – Platform Arts Festival

The University of Canterbury will celebrate its fifth Platform Arts ...

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Mon 25th Aug – Proceed and Be Bold: The Pear Tree Press

The Pear Tree Press is New Zealand’s most renowned private ...

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