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The Big Issue Speaker Event: Climate Change is Generation Y's Issue?

NZ IceFest Big Issue Speaker Event Victoria University of Wellington presents, Climate Change is Generation Y's Issue: Climate Change or ...

The Big Issue Speaker Event: The Losts Islands: Challenges for NZ's Sub-Antarctic Islands

NZ IceFest Big Issue Speaker Event Heritage Expeditions presents The Lost Islands: Challenges for New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands Located at ...

The Big Issue Speaker Event: Antarctic Treaty Politics

NZ IceFest Big Issue Speaker Event Antarctica New Zealand presents Antarctic Treaty Politics: Behind the Scenes. How is it, that ...

Fringe Festival launch

Bizzaro Carnivale And so it begins… The launch and start of the Christchurch fringe Fringe Festival 2014. 1pm-5 pm CBD ...

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Cape Hallett Station and Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in Antarctica

The Great White Continent of Antarctica reveals more of its secrets from September this year. The Cape Hallett Station was ...

Colourful new palette for the city of Christchurch

Christchurch is home for Russian-born artist Galina Kim and Korean-born artist Min Kim. Before the devastating earthquakes of 2011 that ...

Edwards + Johann: Rebels, Knights and Other Tomorrows

Christchurch-based collaborative duo Edwards + Johann present an installation laced with strange tensions and rich possibilities in Christchurch Art Gallery’s ...

Fibre Creations

The Canterbury Area (which stretches from Amberley to Ashburton) has many skilled spinners, weavers and felters. This exhibition, which runs ...

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Gig Guide – September 22nd

  • TOMMY CHANGS: Vinyl Sunday School
  • NO 4: Kate Anastasiou & Adrian Hughes
  • CLINK RESTAURANT BAR: Not All Black & White
  • FOX & FERRET THE PALMS: Live Music - Thomas Coffey

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